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            Quality inspection center

            Xingda detection center has independent test building, equipped with international first-class product inspection equipment, and established a laboratory management system according to iso / iec 17025 requirements, equipped with physical laboratory, chemical laboratory, gold - phase laboratory, bonding laboratory, according to the international synthetic fiber standardization bureau ( bis ) for testing, analysis and research of the uniform test method for tire cord steel cord, can effectively control and ensure the product quality and stability. The center of the existing graduate, undergraduate and other gradient talents.

            Metallography laboratory

            ? Possess laba microscope and body view microscope ( laba ), made by Zeiss Germany ( Zeiss ). Through metallographic analysis, combined with spectro maxx - Fv direct reading spectrometer, emia Japan solar - rise field carbon and sulfur analyzer, can effectively control the quality of the wire rod and the quality of wire heat treatment, lead quenching heat treatment wire, at the same time, gold phase analysis can be made by metallographic microscope.

            Physics Laboratory

            The international advanced steel cord and bead wire inspection equipment, equipped with a variety of german zwick universal material testing machine, the United States Instron steel wire tensile machine, the Swiss con profile projector, the Japanese lap laser diameter gauge, the United States taber stiffness tester, the Korea torsion layered tester, and other related detection devices, such as the impact, torsion, bending, and other related detection devices, mainly for the detection and analysis of steel cord, bead wire, hose, precision cutting steel wire and related metal materials, and related products and cutting-edge research and research and testing.

            Bonding laboratory

            Equipped with rubber mixing machine, flat vulcanizing machine and other test equipment for routine bead wire, steel cord adhesion test, equipped with damp - damp aging test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, vacuum dryer, electric thermostatic water tank for aging detection, and equipped with three - roll bending fatigue testing machine, fatigue testing machine hunter fatigue testing machine, rubber penetration tester for r & d research and research。

            Chemical laboratory

            The u s varian inductive coupling plasma atomic emission spectrometer is used for the determination of coating of various kinds of steel wire products. Determination of fatty acid content in lubricant by varian GC gas chromatograph; Metro,, metro Karl fischer water meter is used for the determination of acid value, alkali value and water content of lubricant. The aa - 6,200 and aa - 6,300 atomic absorption spectrometer made by shimadzu ( shimadzu ) are used for the detection and analysis of coating and trace elements such as steel cord and bead wire.

            Service Hotline: +86 523 8095 6874

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