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            United States Goodyear Global Procurement Director Lai Na to visit Xingda


            June 14, the United States Goodyear Global Mining Director Reina, Goodyear Global Materials Manager Joseph, Goodyear Global Purchasing Manager Adam and his party to visit our company. Executive vice president of the company Tao Jinxiang, deputy general manager of Miao for steel, chief engineer Hu Ziming, deputy chief engineer Wang Aiping, marketing director Yang Rui and Xingda North American team, Shanghai International relevant person in charge to accompany the reception.
            At the meeting, executive vice president Tao Jinxiang on the arrival of a len to the arrival of a sincere welcome, Tao Jinxiang said, Goodyear Group is the world's top 500 global and the world's largest tire tire manufacturing, Xingda It is a great honor for the company to provide high quality products and efficient service to Goodyear Group. Looking back over the history of co-operation for more than a decade, Goodyear Group has provided value and experience to Xingda in terms of technology upgrading, international development and global distribution.
            Tao Jinxiang hopes that the two sides will continue to pay attention to the future long-term strategic cooperation and partnership development, to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, the formation of regular exchange and exchange mechanism, so Xingda for Goodyear Group to provide better service. He also hopes that through the visit of the Director of Reina, to promote the next step in the higher strength level and update the technical content of new products and other aspects of new specifications to cooperate, so Xingda for Goodyear to provide a comprehensive product support and technical services, Especially in the process of speeding up the process of comprehensive cooperation, to explore a deeper level of technology, research and development and project development cooperation, try to explore new possibilities, and further promote the development of both sides towards a higher level.
            Tao Jinxiang believes that in the future is more broad areas worth exploring, Goodyear Group and Xingda company will be more open, inclusive, cooperative and win-win attitude, the face of any future risks and challenges! To achieve the two sides of the sustainable development and win-win!
            Visited the company's central laboratory, eight factory, nine factory production site, the two sides on product and service, technology research and development, future development strategy and other details of the issue of further exchanges and consultations.

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