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            The job title symposium of corporate was held in Xingda


            In order to promote the professional development of high-skilled talents and engineering and technical talents, the company actively explores the mode of evaluating the independent title of the company that is based on the service station of the title. Su Dengshan, the deputy director of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Xinghua City , Zhu Zhenglin, section chief of the title, and Zhao Zhuyu, chief of the Economic and Credit Committee, and other leaders held a seminar on the research of company titles at Xiuyuan Hotel in the afternoon of June 5th. General Manager Miao Weigang, Executive Director Zhai Chengwu, Human Resources Director Chen Wenchuan, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, Labor Union Chairman Pei Peiyun, Director of Technology Center Wang Aiping, and 17 leaders of key enterprises of Dai Nan and Zhang Guo Township attended the meeting. Zhu Zhenglin, section chief of the office, presided over the meeting.

            Prior to the start of the symposium, Deputy Deputy Secretary Su-Heng personally awarded the service station for the professional skills evaluation of Xingda Company. The conference mainly focused on the "professional development of high-skilled personnel and engineering and technical personnel," and "deepening the reform of professional titles, and conducting evaluation of socialized junior professional titles." Zhu Zhenglin, chief of the department, introduced the notice on "Taizhou City High-skilled Talents and Engineering Talents Professional Development Through Implementation Measures (Trial)", and encouraged all mid-level senior engineers, technicians, technicians, and other high-skilled personnel to report and appraise corresponding assistant engineers. Engineer qualification.

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