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            Xingda participated in the 2018 global rubber and tire exhibition (GRTE2018)


            Xingda participated in the 2018 global rubber and tire exhibition (GRTE2018),which was held in Bangkok, Thailand between March 14 and March 16th ,2018 .
            This exhibition shows our leading brand image in the industry, meanwhile, it launched the first overseas production base in Xingda, Xingda, Thailand. During the period, Thailand political leaders and industry experts come and visit our company,  and communicate with us about the fastest developing Southeast Asian market. It shows the enterprising spirit and ambition of Xingda's active internationalization and localization, and the strategic vision of Xingda to Southeast Asia and the global market: Xingda is not only an excellent seller of the skeleton material product , but also the best strategic partner developed with the customer and the market, Xingda will do our best for the pursuit of excellent value and common growth, to promote the development of the rubber industry,and make contribution to the social development .

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