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            Company Profile

            Jiangsu Xingda Steel Tyre Cord Co., Ltd. is located in Dainan Town, Xinghua City, Jiangsu Province, formerly known as the Dainan Thermal Power Plant, which was run in 1988. It entered into steel cord industry in 1992 and became a joint stock limited company in 1998, The listing of the Stock Exchange (Xingda International 01899.HK), It established production plants in 2011 in Shandong Province.
            After 20 years of struggle and development, the company has been built as a large-scale steel cord production base. Jiangsu Xingda has gradually grown into the forefront of the professional manufacturer of steel cord for radial tire.
            At present, the company has more than 7,000 employees, products related to steel cord, bead wire, hose wire and sawing wire, the domestic market share is 27%, the international market share is 18%.
            Xingda adhere to scientific development, pay attention to upgrade technology, equipment innovation and management innovation, on the basis of the state identified Enterprise Technology Center, the national accredited laboratories, post-doctoral research station, structural and functional metal composite materials key laboratory of Jiangsu Province, and special alloy products engineering technology research Center of Jiangsu Province, Xingda brought out more than 100 species of new structure of steel cord ,whose performance indicators were in a leading level in the peer.
            In the premise of stabilizing the advantages of the domestic market, Xingda actively participate in international competition, the implementation of brand strategy. And Xingda have established a good relationship of cooperation with the world's leading ten tire companies, Xingda has registered trademark in 74 countries or regions ,and provide products and technical services for more than 200 customers came from more than 30 countries and regions,  In 2016 Xingda began to build the Thai production plant, along the international, diversified, intelligent direction strides forward, leading to the world-class steel cord strong road to the front.

            Independent research

            Commitment to social responsibility and highly respected international companies

            Xingda has passed the ISO14001 environmental management system certification in 2004, passed the ISO / TS16949 quality management system certification in 2007, passed the ISO10012 measurement management system certification in 2007, passed the ISO / IEC17025 laboratory accreditation in 2008 , and passed the GBT28001 Occupational health and safety management system certification in 2015.
            By the end of 2017, Xingda has 262 authorized patents, included 52 invention patents, Xingda has holded on the drafting of the national standard of steel cord. Xingda has won the national scientific and technological progress second prize, and has won many honors such as "national high-tech enterprises", "National Torch Plan key high-tech enterprises", "national high-tech enterprises, Intellectual property advantages of enterprises "," Jiangsu Province focus on nurturing and development of internationally renowned brands "and so on.
            Xingda developed based on the mission of using innovative technology to continuously improve tire-making performance, professional quality and reliable support for car safety and did its best to become the leading supplier of global rubber skeleton materials. Xingda's strategic objective is to become an international player with independent R&D capability and intellectual property, high competitiveness in all fields who can bear social responsibility and win respect from the society.

            Service Hotline: +86 523 8095 6874

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